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Selling price calculator - export


This is a DEMO version of the search tool Selling price calculator - export. Find here the results for selling goods with a value of 10,000 EUR EXW. More information

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Type of expenses Values Incoterm
Value of the goods (loaded on leaving the factory)   From the factory
Cost of carriage before (from the factory to the port or to the airport)    
Fixed cost of export Customs formalities    
Handling costs (loading onto the airplane, the vessel or the truck in the case of groupage)    
Free on board / Free Carrier   FOB / FCA
Total cost of the main transport (by air, sea or land) including transport to the border of the EU    
Cost of insurance for the main transport    
Cost of the Insurance and Freight   CIF
Cost of handling on arrival at the (air)port or bulk-breaking platform    
Customs Duties %  
Import taxes %  
Cost of import Customs formalities (flat rate)    
Cost of carriage after (from the port (airport) to the buyer) and unloading (the carriage after)    
Delivered Duty Paid   DDP
* based on the CIF value    

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