Get information for your importing and exporting activities in three steps

International Trade Guide

If you need some help getting started with your import-export operations, read our International Trade Guide to get tips on how to approach a new market, comply with international regulations and manage your shipments.

Import-Export glossary

This glossary explains hundreds of international business related terms. If you are unsure what an AWB is, or if you don’t know the difference between an agent, a distributor or a representative, just check it in the glossary!

International Marketing Communications

There are many ways to advertise your products during your internationalisation process. This guide will help you understand better the do's and don'ts and design a consistent business advertising strategy

Business trips

Organise your business travel: the steps to take in order to prepare yourself, how to make the most of your time away and how to follow up afterwards.

Online marketplaces

What is an online marketplace? Discover how it works and what benefits this sales or sourcing channel can offer to your business activity.


How do you select the right Incoterm for a sales contract, and how do you get to grips with the allocation of logistics costs depending on the Incoterm that you choose? Use our practical guide to improve your understanding of the principles behind Incoterms.

Understanding custom procedures

Follow our practical advice on steps to take when dealing with customs procedures / clearances within the EU and internationally.

More Export Factsheets

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